Book Midden Friday

Jeff VanderMeer • September 9th, 2011 @ 1:32 pm • Culture

2011-09-05 13.13.26

One cool thing about the drive home from DragonCon this past weekend was stopping to visit with a friend of ours who has acquired a used bookstore. As you can see from the photo above that means he has the (to us) amazingly pleasurable job of going through the inventory not already on the shelves. Lucky bastard!

Here are a few of the books we picked up. We’ve been focusing on anthologies and collections to flesh out our selection of short stories. At the moment, I think we have close to 1,500 anthos and story collections in the house.






2 Responses to “Book Midden Friday”

  1. Sensawunda says:

    I’m most jealous of the Brian Aldiss ed. Space Opera. I’ve always wanted to take a peak at that one.

  2. P.D.Blake says:

    So, are you going to review them all? :)

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