Decatur Book Festival: Needed a VanderMeer Book Signed?

We had a busy weekend, bouncing back and forth between DragonCon and the Decatur Book Festival. DragonCon was fun although chaotic and hectic, and the Decatur Book Festival was an absolute delight. One of the best-run, best-thought-out book festivals we’ve encountered. Great staff, great organization, imaginative panels, engaged readers attending, and they took good care of us. We’d go back in a heartbeat—might even just drive up to take it in as a reader, too.

However, one consequence of the double-booking—something that happens fairly regularly with Decatur/DragonCon–we were unable to attend the autograph session following Ann and my participation on the Pairs with Pens panel, as I had to rush across town for my DragonCon reading.

As a result, we left some readers in the lurch, something that has never happened in twenty years of signing books. We’re abjectly sorry for this turn of events and would like to say that if you were seeking our signatures on books at the Decatur Book Festival, please send us said books to POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315 with instructions on how you want them personalized and we’ll absorb the shipping costs to send them back to you. In addition, I know we hurriedly signed but did not personalize a few books as we got into the taxi. If you want these fully personalized to you, you can send them as well.

Further, if you want additional copies of the Lambshead Cabinet or Steampunk Bible sent to friends or family, we’ll give them to you at cover price, shipping free. Just email us at vanderworld at for this offer.

Again, we highly recommend the Decatur Book Festival—a wonderful event.