The Weird: Magazine and Anthology Sources

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Busy prepping for DragonCon, but here’s a breakdown of the magazine and anthology sources for the stories in The Weird, leaving out for now author collections, in case anyone was interested. We’ll post the full publication information for all of the stories closer to the publication date, for those who are curious.

If an anthology, the editor or editors have been listed after the title. For non-UK/US mags, the country of publication has been listed. If more than one story came from a single source, the number of stories is listed in parentheses after the title of the publication. It’s worth noting that Ellen Datlow may be the editor connected to the most number of reprints in the book, given her involvement in OMNI and Event Horizon, as well as the anthology Inferno—although we’d have to research the editors at Weird Tales and Mag of F & SF during the time of publication of those reprints to make sure.

Album Zutique #1 (edited by Jeff VanderMeer)

All-Story Weekly

Astonishing Stories

Book of Wonder

Borderlands 1 (edited by Tom Monteleone)

Borderlands 4 (edited by Thomas F. Monteleone and Elizabeth E. Monteleone)


Bungakukai (Japan)

Cern Zoo: Nemonymous 9 (edited by D.F. Lewis)

Chicago Review

Children of Cthulhu (edited by John Pelan and Benjamin Adams)

Collier’s Magazine

Conjunctions (2 stories)

Dark Forces (edited by Kirby McCauley)

El Siglo (Chile)

Elsewhere (edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold)

Event Horizon

Fantasy Magazine

Frights (edited by Kirby McCauley)

Full Spectrum 2 (edited by Lou Aronica, Patrick LoBrutto, Shawna McCarthy, and Amy Stout)

Giornale Illustrato dei Viaggi e delle Avventure di Terra e di Mare (Italy)

Illustrated Weekly of India


In The Field Of Fire (edited by Jeanne Van Buren Dann and Jack Dann)

Inferno: New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, 2007 (edited by Ellen Datlow)

Interzone (2 stories)

Iron Horse Literary Review

Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine (2 stories)

Keep Out the Night (edited by Stephen Jones)

La Croisière des Ombres (French?)

Le Bien Public (French?)

Leviathan 3, 2002 (edited by Forrest Aguirre and Jeff VanderMeer)

Liaison d’un été

Lock and Key Library
London Mercury

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (6 stories)

Masques: All New Works of Horror and the Supernatural (edited by J.N. Williamson)

Metahorror (edited by Dennis Etchison)

Midnight Graffiti

Návrat Starého Varana (Czech)

Nekomachi (Japan)

New Dimensions 6, edited by Robert Silverberg

New Yorker (2 stories)

October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween (edited by Richard Chizmar and Robert Morrish)

OMNI (3 stories)

Osaka Mainichi (Japan)

Other Edens (edited by Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock)

People’s Favorite Magazine


Rogue Magazine

Science Fantasy

Shadows 4 (edited by Charles L. Grant)

Slowo Polskie (Poland)

Space and Time

Star Science Fiction Stories
Strange Horizons

Sur (Argentina)

The Silver Web

Unknown Worlds


Weird Tales (7 stories)

Winter Tales Magazine

Xero Magazine


  1. Ellen Datlow says

    Hi Jeff,
    Although I’d love to, I can’t take credit for “Sandkings.” It was published before I got to OMNI. Ben Bova bought it for the magazine.

  2. Jay Steneker says

    Its amazing how wide a net you cast for this. I wish other anthologies did the same.

    I think the 3rd Alternative magazine should be in this list as well for the Martin Simpson story, unless I’m wrong.

  3. says

    Um, no. Ann published the Simpson story first in her magazine The Silver Web. Andy got it second, but didn’t do a great job of making it clear who had first acquired the story.

  4. says

    And thanks–someday we’ll also post the full list of books, mags, and anthos we went through, since there was lots of great stuff that just didn’t fit our particular focus.