Shared Worlds, 24-7 Redux: Week Two


It’s a great week two here at the Shared Worlds teen SF/F writing camp at Wofford College (Spartanburg, SC). We’ve got Ekaterina Sedia and Minister Faust as guest writers, along with my wife Ann VanderMeer. Over 40 students, building worlds and writing in them. The job here is intense and very satisfying, and it means I won’t be blogging much until next week.

Feel free to tell me what you’re up to in the comments thread—i.e., plug your latest project, book, or something recent you loved.

If you’re not my facebook friend, send me a friend request if you want to see photos and whatnot from Shared Worlds. I’m mini-blogging there since it isn’t as time-intensive as “real” blogging.


  1. Karin says

    CONGRATS on the World Fantasy Nom for “The Third Bear”! Your photo there is appropriate LOL