Are You a Librarian Who Blogs? Would You Like a Signed Cabinet of Curiosities?

Jeff VanderMeer • July 5th, 2011 @ 7:18 pm • News

We love librarians—for one thing they always know how to have a good time, for another we always learn something when we hang out with them at ALA or other conferences.

So we’re making a special offer for librarians in the United States only (for now): if you’re a librarian and you blog about YA and/or adult books—either for a national or regional library website, or have a following on your personal blog—we’d like to send you a free copy of The Thackery Cabinet of Curiosities, signed by both of us editor-types. Offer good for the first ten to respond. Preferably, send us an email at vanderworld at with the URL of the relevant website, although you can post below too as a back-up if you like. All you have to do in return is promise you’ll try to blog about the book if you like it.

The cabinet, released soon, is an LA Times recommended summer reading selection that features over 60 pieces of art as well as all-new fiction. Contributors include Holly Black, Greg Broadmore, Ted Chiang, John Coulthart, Rikki Ducornet, Amal El-Mohtar, Minister Faust, Jeffrey Ford, Lev Grossman, N.K. Jemisin, Caitlin R. Kiernan, China Mieville, Mike Mignola, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Garth Nix, Naomi Novik, James A. Owen, Helen Oyeyemi, J.K. Potter, Cherie Priest, Ekaterina Sedia, Jan Svankmajer, Rachel Swirsky, Carrie Vaughn, Jake von Slatt, Tad Williams, Charles Yu, and many more.

12 Responses to “Are You a Librarian Who Blogs? Would You Like a Signed Cabinet of Curiosities?”

  1. Bonnie Elias says:

    What if the site is in the works, but I run a book club at underprivileged schools and plan on making materials available for other librarians online?

  2. jeff vandermeer says:

    great! email us.

  3. Lis Carey says:

    Email sent; posting here too as a back-up as suggested.

    I’m a librarian, and you’ll find my book-reviewing blog here:

    I will certainly blog about the book if I like it; more good stuff to recommend to my readers is always welcome!

  4. Alison DePollo says:

    Yes, please! I do blog, but haven’t for a little bit because I’ve been trying to finish up library school and pass my comprehensive exam. I was actually planning on picking it back up in two weeks, so this is perfect timing!

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Thanks, all. I’ve responded to everyone who has emailed. We still have a couple of copies available.

  6. the Scarlet Tartlet says:

    Hi, I just emailed. I blog about library stuff, music, food, travel, cats, and books. What a great offer!

  7. Mary spila says:

    I am a librarian, have a book review blog on WordPress, and would live to do a review for your wonderful book.


  8. David L McMillan says:

    I would like to receive one

  9. David L McMillan says:

    sounds good..let us know more!

  10. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    thanks, folks. i’ll be going through my hotmail shortly.

  11. Sarah Potwin says:

    My blog, Falcon Library Blog, is dedicated to informing my school community about literacy issues…

  12. ronyafm says:

    Eep. I don’t think I sent the initial request to the right address. And since I’m a few days behind, I know I’m probably late to the party. But if there’s a chance I’m not–yep, I’m a librarian; I work at the circulation desk, where book recommendations are an integral part of my job. And yep, I have a blog, cited above, dedicated to post-apocalyptic fiction & film. Thanks, Mr. VanderMeer.

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