Bringing the Odd: Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury

Danny Fontaine has signed on to do the theme song for our ODD? anthology, which will feature fiction by Amos Tutuola, Jeffrey Ford, Nalo Hopkinson, Hiromi Goto, Leena Krohn, Karin Tidbeck, and more. We’re behind on publication—projected now for August–but here’s the TOC, which now also features the Krohn (an original story, translated by Juha Tupasela and Anna Volmari).

Oddly enough, Danny asked if I’d write the lyrics, which I’ve posted under the cut–subject to massive change at Danny’s discretion. I thought it’d be fun to have a song structure that kind of dissolves and reforms, with a variation on call-and-response built-in.


Danny last contributed to our projects with “Plunder,” the theme song for our pirate anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails. It’s an awesome song, and it’s now the title song of a new EP from Fontaine and the Horns of Fury. “Plunder” isn’t online, except in sample form, but you can watch the trailer for the pirate antho, which features part of it.


lyrics by Jeff VanderMeer

mr odd, he puts his head on backwards
walks around breathing fire
quacks when he means to bark
pulls his feet on with his shoes

are you odd or are you too normal?
are you cod or too thermal?
are you a mod or too epidermal?
are you a god or a goddamn colonel?

mr odd’s written a book with no pages
he’s pulled live fish out of the sky
taunted bubblegum into rages
smashed a nut with a gadfly

are you odd or are you too normal?
are you a mod or too incorrigible?
are you a pod or too snorable?
are you a wad or too horrible?

mr odd, he likes a quiet night with the missus
mr odd, his karaoke is all hits or misses
mr odd, he drinks his coffee with sugar
mr odd he stirs his coffee with a luger

are you odd or are you too normal?
are you a pod or are you too thermal?
are you a god or are you just Hannibal?
are you a cod or just need an epidermal?

mr odd’s made of pigeon meat
mr odd’s a total ham.
mr odd’s brain is larger than his skull
mr odd’s stepped in it again.
mr odd’s just like you and me.

…“NOW THAT’S JUST CRAZY!” (shouted, spoken not sung)