Too Bloody? Wot? Too Bloody? Our Halo “Mona Lisa”? Never!

Above find the awesome part 3 of the motion comic adaptation of the novella “The Mona Lisa” I cowrote with Tessa Kum for the Halo: Evolutions antho. This episode made me tense. The music is quite good, too.

So I want votes. Is it bloody? Is it too bloody? Is it just realistic? Seems to me no more violent than my average day going down to the coffee shop and getting groceries….

Click here and scroll through the sidebar to find parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Also, they seem to have left out the famous “ice cream” lines Tessa came up with. So I suggest when you watch it, every time they say “shore leave” scream “ice cream” at the screen and take a shot of your favorite whisky…if you’re of legal drinking age wherever you live…


  1. VinceP1974 says

    I had bought the Evolutions book just last week and got to the Mona Lisa story Sunday night and finished reading it sometime on Monday.

    Wow that was a great story. The terror the flood put into Marines was expressed just how I would imagine it if I was in that situation. I also liked the bit of HQ intrigue.

    Any particular reason you named the ship “mona lisa” .. maybe you can send me a link where you probably answered this question before. Thanks