Service Announcements: e-Weird Tales, Beyond Victoriana, Poland, and e-Ephemera

A few things to mention that’ve slipped away from me a bit. SF Signal recently ran my interview with Polish editor-writer Konrad Walewski, and I’ve reproduced it above in case you missed it.

Jan Zeranski, an editor and writer in Poland, also sent me these additional links: Katedra and Esensja (both in Polish and, as Jan says, containing “huge database of reviews, interviews and excerpts. Esensja is a monthly semi-pro zine about modern popculture (apart from books they review movies, music and so on) and Katedra focuses on literature.” In English, the Book Institute is mostly about mainstream literature and of definite interest. “As for essays or articles I have found only one so far—at Words Without Borders. It’s a good text written by Tomasz Kolodziejczak, award-nominee science fiction author and a comic book publisher.”

AND, in other news, you can now get Weird Tales electronically!

Also, Beyond Victoriana has a very cool fund-raiser for Japan. Go check it out and donate!

Finally, Neil Williamson, who I interviewed in Warsaw about his projects and about Scottish SF (see below), has an e-book out of his great collection Ephemera. Check it out!