Ann VanderMeer Reads from Michael Cisco’s “The Divinity Student”

In Finland, we participated on the last day in a contest at a con that was about convincing an audience to like a book. Most contestants read outrageously or read outrageous texts. Ann, wearing a Tallahassee Tentacles hockey shirt (a surprise from Finnish fandom), chose to read seriously from Michael Cisco’s amazing The Divinity Student.

As a bonus of sorts, Juha Tupasela reading the numbers story, “The Man Who Had No Eyes,” from City of Saints & Madmen:


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    I see a big blue & white Facebook box saying “Video Unavailable” for both videos, FYI. I’m logged into Facebook, but am guessing I just don’t have permission to view the videos. Probably not alone. Anyway, just FYI. :)

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    I see a blue and white Facebook box saying “Secure Video -This video is not public. Log in to Facebook to see if you have permission to view.”

    Which I did, searched out yours and Ann’s Facebook pages and found no links to these videos, then returned here, refreshed the page, fruitlessly.

    Can you make them more public?