Returning Home to…Books!


A bit of a glare on these, but returned home to find copies of:

—The advance reader copy of the Cabinet of Curiosities
—The Steampunk Bible (author copies—in stores now)
—Finch (Atlantic/Corvus UK paperback edition)
—Polish Shriek and Finch (well, okay, given to me in Poland)
—The Brazilian edition of my long story The Situation

Later, I’ll have photos of the books and other things acquired in our travels overseas, and then some posts on the actual visits.

Erm, not to mention Moomin stuff, pictured below, not including socks and deck of cards. (I should note some of it was gifted to us, and that although I went nuts in the Moomin store, it was thankfully offset by selling books at a con the last day in Finland. Whew.)



  1. Andrew says

    Why is it that all the cover art on your overseas editions are so much more lovely than the US versions? I mean, it’s the text that really matters, but…I can’t say that I love any of the (US) covers that I own. But there are quite a few gorgeous foreign editions, particularly for Ambergris.

  2. Nadine says

    Yay! Books! :D I wish I had the brain for a slightly more intelligent commentary than this, but alas: it’s all leaked out my ears. Hoping it comes back by morning.

    But. Yay! Books! :D

  3. RAHUL says

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  4. Egg says

    Steampunk Bible! I want!
    Maybe if I get the job I am interviewing for, I will get.
    I am with Nadine-
    Yay! Books!

  5. Robert Wali? says

    I’ve recently reread the whole Moomin saga. I absolutely love the last two volumes.