Back from Finland…More Photos

Jeff VanderMeer • April 17th, 2011 @ 2:52 pm • News

(Some members of the Tallahassee Tentacles; a most excellent surprise for our last day at the main event celebrating one of Finland’s best SF/F mags, an effort of Finnish fandom…more context tomorrow.)

Ann and I are back in Amsterdam, after an energizing and brisk week in Finland traveling from city to city, doing lectures, conducting workshops, and meeting and talking to some wonderful people. More soon on all of that, but check out this short account and the photos/vid below until I have more time. Vid was for the last day’s convention panel where you read a book trying to convince someone to buy it…but usually it’s supposed to be funny in some way.

Ann with a member of the mafia, Sari, and Pasi

With Leena Krohn and her husband Mikael Book

Shimo, me, and Saara (author of Mobydoll)

After the Escon convention, Friday

Signing the Good Book in Helsinki

Center: Toni Jerrman, Hannu Blommila, and me

Very special dog (more on that later)

2 Responses to “Back from Finland…More Photos”

  1. URS Esconissa ja Tähtivaeltajapäivässä « URS says:

    [...] Lisäksi URS:in maailmanvalloitus aloitettiin Esconissa lahjoittamalla URS-antologia Jeff ja Ann Vandermeerille. Selvisi, että neopulp olisi URS:ille parempi käännös kuin neovulgar (joka kuulostaa hieman [...]

  2. Cinema Nostalgia says:

    Finland is quite a lovely country. I’ve been there a few times. Did you make it to the Arctic Circle? Starting in June the sun never goes down for the summer. No, I really mean it. It does NOT go down. You wake up at 2 am thinking it’s time for breakfast because it’s broad daylight outside your window.

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