Cheeky Frawg Announces A New Steampunk Imprint: Enjoy!

Jeff VanderMeer • March 31st, 2011 @ 11:59 pm • News

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We here at Cheeky Frawg Books are always trying to expand our customer service to meet our readers’ needs—and readers want Steampunk, and have been telling us that Steampunk covers a wide range of amazing titles. Thus, we have made arrangements to e-publish a new line of Steampunk Classics, set to debut in May. Below you’ll find covers for the first three (by Jeremy Zerfoss) as well as a list of upcoming selections. Something to look forward to!

AF_Watership_01_032611 (3)



Additional titles in the series:

Blurb: “I hate steampunk. I love steampunk. I hate steampunk. Wait. I’m confused. Which helps me more?” – Catherynne M. Valente

Blurb: “Perhaps the most incisive predictor of the current Steampunk fashion scene…Am I on the cover? Did I make the cover?” – Evelyn Kriete

Blurb: “He’s a steampunk and that’s all right. He blows up blimps, he skips and jumps, he likes to press clock cogs, put on women’s clothing, and haaaang around in baaaars” – chorus, Tim Powers and James Blaylock

20 Responses to “Cheeky Frawg Announces A New Steampunk Imprint: Enjoy!”

  1. Samuel S says:

    Lol :-)

    The skyscraper in the Ayn Rand cover looks very much like the Turning Torso building i Malmö.

  2. Andy Wolverton says:

    :-) If the Watership Down cover was printed on a t-shirt, I’d buy it in a second!

  3. Sherry Shaffer says:

    It’s about time someone brightened up those sad little novels with some rousing steampunk!

  4. Mike says:

    You’ve got me there for a second.

  5. tama janowitz says:

    is a joke? the cover will be on line or the contents?

  6. jv says:

    tama: neither. jking.


  7. Jha says:

    ……… I would give a lot for a bunny airship.

  8. Caitlin Kiernan says:

    Oh gods the funny…

  9. LaShawn says:

    Everything is better with steampunk!

  10. Chronic Impending Disaster says:

    I didn’t know “steampunk bunny epic” was a genre?

  11. tama janowitz says:

    aw! too bad, those are great covers!

  12. jv says:

    tama–we ran out of time!! just for you, i’ll see what i can do, though…

  13. Caitlin Kittredge says:

    I spit tea on my computer when I read some of these. Very steampunk, no?

  14. Mike Perschon says:

    This is hilarious, especially given my zealous dislike of Ayn Rand! Thanks for the April Fool’s laugh, to balance my dissertation gently weeping.

  15. Sovay says:

    We need more steampunk bunny epics.

  16. Jeremy Zerfoss says:

    Why does everyone think this is a joke?

    ‘Watership Down’ is TOTALLY steampunk! I know for a fact there is water, ships and down in it!

  17. Jeremy Zerfoss says:

    Hello Tama, looks like we had this in the works after all! ^_^

  18. Gio Clairval says:

    The name of the imprint was a huge clue :D

  19. Ay-leen the Peacemaker says:

    This is quite wonderful and made my day. Thank you! XD

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