VanderMeer in WARSAW: April 2-4, with Neil Williamson

Just a reminder for international readers of this blog that I will be taking a side trip to Warsaw, Poland, for a couple of days, where my friend and awesome writer Neil Williamson (he has a story up for a BFSA award) will be joining me on a panel. There will also be some other events, including a reading/signing and a radio interview. I also assume there will be some informal and quite wonderful discussion in some pub or other. I hope to see you there.

Polish publishers have been kind enough to publish my novels Veniss Underground, City of Saints & Madmen, Shriek: An Afterword, Finch, and our Steampunk anthology.

Thanks to Konrad Walewski, who runs the Polish version of F&SF for setting everything up and getting me over there. (Hopefully, I can update this post with more details about the events soon.)

I’m also going to be in Amsterdam visiting family with Ann. Ann’s coming to Finland with me, but isn’t joining me for the jaunt to Poland.


  1. Robert WaliÅ› says

    We’re impatiently waiting for you, Jeff :) The Polish forums are full of enthusiastic comments. Hope we’ll all have a great time. See you soon!

  2. says

    I wonder, what the world tries to tell me, that there is a polish edtion of “Finch”, but no german edition in sight. I read “Finch” in English and loved it. But I would like to re-read it in German.

  3. Robert WaliÅ› says

    molosovsky > Have you tried talking to people from Klett-Cotta? They published “The City…” and “Shriek” and list Jeff as one of “their authors”. Maybe they’re already considering publishing the German translation of “Finch”. And if not, German readers should convince them it’s a good idea. Maybe start a “Publish Finch in German” facebook group or something :)

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Yeah, it’d be on Klett-Cotta. Honestly, too, of the three novels Finch is probably the most commercial. I do know my editor there no longer does work for them, so that might have some influence.

    How prevalent are e-books over there right now? I have thought about releasing e-books of some of my novels in other languages, contracting with a translator.