Cheeky Frawg Books: Bringing Hand-Crafted E-Books to the Blivious

Jeff VanderMeer • March 25th, 2011 @ 10:17 pm • News


Ann and I are doing a soft launch of Cheeky Frawg Books soon. Cheeky will specialize in e-books with a few intrusions into the physical world. (Interiors by Neil Clarke.)

Cheeky Frawg believes in the future of books but we don’t want to forget the past. We hand-craft every e-book on a letter press with only the best, most perfectly formed 00000s and 111111s. Our e-binding is hand-rolled by former Cuban cigar makers and our covers, backcovers, logo and wallpapers are painstakingly designed by the Las Vegas Madman, artist Jeremy Zerfoss.

We’ll have a webpage up next week, and the first four books available in their initial formats. Right now, though, you can check out our facebook page at “Cheeky Frawg Books”.

You can enter our first contest there, or in the comments thread here:

Dear Fellow Cheekies: want to win copies of our first four e-books in the format of your choice? Just answer this question: What should Cheeky Frawg’s battle cry be when waging war on other e-book publishers? Deadline April 1. One lucky winner will be chosen and their battle cry will grace the title page of our next four releases.


13 Responses to “Cheeky Frawg Books: Bringing Hand-Crafted E-Books to the Blivious”

  1. J. T. Glover says:


  2. Radu Romaniuc says:

    “Oh my god the frog has stuck its tongue on me and it’s dragging me towards the shark jaws that will cut me in half, I am almost there now.”

  3. Niall Alexander says:

    But it’s a cheeky frog, so…

    Rubbit? ;)

  4. Daniel says:

    Readit, Readit.

  5. Larry says:

    Do I feel froggy? Well, do ya, punk?

    For some reason, I associate Dirty Harry with the cheeky frawg.

  6. Sarah says:

    Brek-ek-ek-ek co-ax co-ax!

  7. Sensawunda says:

    Subversive photonic hypnoradiation for the masses.

  8. SMD says:

    I’m not sure the Cheeky Frawg would make a warcry at all. I think the only sound you’d hear is a loud, slirpy “thwap” right before his barbed tongue pokes both of your eyes out (“your” meaning the other publishers). It’s a sound, though…just a scary, moist, painful sound.

  9. Tucker Cummings says:

    “Let slip the frogs of war!”

  10. Rafael says:

    “I blame Vandermeer!”

  11. Stefen Holtrey says:

    “Kill them with strangeness”

  12. Gary mc says:

    “Feed the Frawg.”

  13. The Weird World of the VanderMeers, Part 1 says:

    [...] from Harper Voyager. A new anthology, ODD, is scheduled to launch this fall from their imprint, Cheeky Frawg Books. Contributors to their Bestiary Anthology have also been [...]

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