Wednesday Miscellany: Kosher Odd Monstrous Creatures (Now Out!)

(Extra cool stuff by Jeremy Zerfoss, for part of the ODD? PR campaign in May, a production of Cheeky Frawg)

Just some flotsam and jetsam…We’re about four days away from launching our first Cheek Frawg e-books, which will include an e-version of the Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, cover below. You’ll find our approach and branding refreshingly different from the norm. Besides, we, unlike others, make each copy of our e-books by hand, including e-binding by hand and special back cover art by Jeremy Zerfoss.


In addition, my nonfiction collection Monstrous Creatures is well and truly launched into the world, with reviews at SF Signal, Bibliophile Stalker, Popmatters, Tor, and interviews various places. The book is now available via Amazon, and the limited edition is available from the publisher. Of the 100 limiteds, more than 60 are already gone. REMEMBER–my cut of the profits goes toward the Leviathan 5 translation costs. The book includes the best of my nonfiction from the last five years, including reviews from the NYTBR, etc.



  1. says

    Dude, does it say EMET (“Truth”) in Hebrew along the side of your kosher imaginary animal? I.e., the lil fellow is a culinary golem of some sort? Sweet ASS!

  2. Egg says

    I love the Kosher Guide.
    I gave a copy to my mom for Hanukkah.
    Was her first signed book, I think.
    Many thank yous for being at Capclave last October.