Steampunk Bible Tour, S.J. Chambers (with Lambshead Goodness!)

(Order: The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature)

It’s going to be a Steampunk summer, with the Steampunk Bible coming out in late April. My coauthor S.J. Chambers will be going on the road, and I’ll be doing a few events in between book deadlines. Just to begin to give you a heads up about events in your area, here’s a partial schedule. In April, we’ll have finalized schedules, more confirmed events, links to relevant sites, and much more.

Austin, Texas – May 1 (Sunday), The US Art Authority – Coauthor S.J. Chambers with special guest Rick Klaw. Book Release Party, books supplied by Austin Books and Comics. Time still TBD. (Chambers will also be attending the World Horror Convention that weekend, and hopes some of the attendee will come to the book release party, which is scheduled after WHC has wound down.)

Waltham, MA – May 6-8 (F-Sun), International Steampunk City – Panel/signing at International Steampunk City, with coauthor S.J. Chambers and contributors Ay-leen the Peacemaker, and Jake Von Slatt, G.D. Falksen and Evelyn Kriete, et al.

Somerset, NJ – May 20-22 (F-Sun), World Steam Fair – Panel appearances by coauthor S.J. Chambers, along with contributors Jake von Slatt, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Dr. Grymm, Jaymee Goh, etc. Signing TBA.

Cambridge, MA – May 23 (Mon), Porter Square Books, 7pm – Coauthor S.J. Chambers with contributors Jake von Slatt, Mike Libby, and Aleks Sennwald for book discussion, demonstration of mechanical beetles, and more.

New York City – May 26 (Thurs), Barnes & Noble – Coauthors Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers are joined by contributors Evelyn Kriete, G.D. Falksen, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Dexter Palmer, Aleks Sennwald, and Jaymee Goh for a lively discussion of steampunk, along with a multi-media presentation, and Q&A.

Philadelphia, PA – May 28, Between Books (Delaware, 25 min from downtown Philly), 6:30pm – Coauthor S.J. Chamber discusses the book along with Steampunk experts Ekaterina Sedia and Ed Pettit, with a possible special appearance by the steampunk band The Absinthe Drinkers.

Richmond, VA – June 2 (Thurs), Fountain Bookstore, 6:30pm – Signing and discussion with coauthor S.J. Chambers discusses the book.

Seattle – June 6, University Bookstore, 7pm – Signing and discussion with Cherie Priest (author) and Libby Bulloff (photographer), major contributors to the book.

Spartanburg, SC – July 17-30, Wofford College auditorium and Hub Bub Books – Ann & Jeff VanderMeer teach at the SF/Fantasy teen writing camp based at Wofford College, including readings and panel discussions at local bookstores and on campus that are open to the public. Including The Steampunk Bible. Special guests, Lambshead Cabinet contributors Minister Faust, Will Hindmarch, and Ekaterina Sedia.

ALSO PLANNED: An event in Washington DC, July 24th event in Asheville, July 30th event near Chapel Hill, release party in Tallahassee, and attendance at Dragon*Con.


  1. Megan Jackson says

    Aawww, no GA? :P We miss you down here in the backclosets of our favorite bars!

  2. says

    Waltham, MA – May 6-8 (F-Sun), International Steampunk City – Panel/signing at International Steampunk City, with coauthor S.J. Chambers and contributors Diana Pho and Jake Von Slatt, along with other festivities.

    Awesome: I was planning on being there already (having been informed of the event’s existence by one of the booksellers at Porter Square Books).

  3. Karin L says

    This is so amazing but you missed an important city on your rock star tour: TORONTO!!! BakkaPhoenix would likely love to have you!

  4. says

    I know! But we go where the winds take up. It’s the only way to afford it. We get really thin and build wings and then study the air streams to figure out where we might go.

  5. says

    My boyfriend was really excited to get The Steampunk Bible because he is actually IN it!! He flipped through the book excitedly only to find he was mis-credited in a photo. The giant picture on page 136-137 labels him as Jesse Nobles, who is the photographer. It should read Captain Anthony LaGrange. The black man in that photo is Captain Anthony LaGrange. He is also on page 135. We run a local steampunk group here in Columbus, Ohio: The Airship Archon. Just thought people might want to know. It may get corrected on future versions.


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