VanderMeer European Tour: Finland VanderCon and Warsaw Weekend


Even though we’re just back from the West Coast, we’re already preparing for our European trip. We’ll be in Amsterdam to visit family, but I’ll also be going to Warsaw for a weekend (April 2-4) to do some events in support of the Polish edition of Finch, with my good friend and fellow writer Neil Williamson joining me for some events. I’ll have more information on that soon.

But Ann and I are also spending a week in Finland for a traveling road show known as VanderCon, sponsored by Finnish fandom and a cultural grant. It’s an awesome and amazing opportunity and we’ll be taking every advantage of it to give something back by interviewing Finnish writers and blogging afterwards. Here’s a description of our trip by the Finns:

The Amazing VanderMeers are coming to Finland and they want to see YOU! Follow the intrepid travellers as they roam around the countryside, conquer the Turku castle, jump from the Jyväskylä’s skijump hill, wander the length and width of the Moomin Valley in Tammere as well as attend both the stupefying Escon in Espoo and the wondrous Tähtivaeltaja Day in Helsinki! Facebook has more info.

What’s our schedule? We’ll have the events listing soon, but for now, here’s where we’ll be, as documented by the VanderCon blog.

9th – VanderPersons arrive to Helsinki.
10th – Turku calling!
11th – More of Turku!
12th – Jyväskylä calling!
13th – Moomin Valley (Tampere) calling!
14th – Back to Helsinki! Speech at the University, followed by evening at the St. Urho’s Pub.
15th – Escon.
16th – Tähtivaeltaja Day.
17th – The End.

We love the Finns, and there was a time in my career when I was better published in Helsinki than in the U.S., so I really feel indebted. We are also unbelievably humbled to be guests of honor for Tähtivaeltaja Day. Tähtivaeltaja is one of our favorite, favorite magazines—just amazing stuff—and it should be wonderful.

(Finnish fandom is extraordinary–I wish they’d bid for a World Fantasy Convention.)