One Pill Will Make You Smaller: “Why the Silence, VanderFrog?”


Blogging’s going to be a little erratic for awhile, because of several book review deadlines, figuring out when to do the Leviathan dance video, the start of new projects, and travel to FOGCon and then, in April, to Europe. Not to mention, coordinating the kick-off of Cheeky Frawg Books, a new e-book imprint Ann and I are starting up. It’s going to include a new e-book anthology series called ODD? (more on that soon) as well as some reissues in maxi-single format (one main story and then additional material), original fiction, the Album Zutique antho, Secret Lives, and a few more.

Here you can see how me ‘n’ designer Jeremy Zerfoss have struggled with the covers. “Give me something subtle,” I said and it came out too small–see above. “Correct it!” I said and it came out too large. Finally, on the third try it was just right.

Anyway, more soonish. In the meantime, tell me what you’ve been up to!




  1. says

    Well, I’ve been thinking…wondering if anyone has ever asked you if there are any toads which may be superior to any given frog. Deep, existential thoughts like this keep me going through audit weeks.