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intelly mushrooms

Over at the Everything Is Nice blog, Martin Lewis, an Arthur C. Clarke Award judge, has been compiling statistics about various aspects of the 55 novels put forward for awards consideration by publishers in the UK. As Lewis says himself not all of it is as scientific process-wise as normal statistical standards would require, but taken as a whole it is interesting information.

Most of it is Serious or Fairly Serious, but you’ll forgive me I hope for snorting my coffee when I saw the graphic above, in which I am apparently sui generis in having intelligent mushrooms as a trope (Finch, nominated by Corvus).


  1. says

    congrats! I much prefer intelligent Mushrooms to vampires anyways. Although sometimes I worry one day I’ll pay the price for my mushroom eating ways.

  2. James Kenyon says

    What of mushrooms that are sentient, but stupid? Will no one write of these mushroom morons?