FOGCon Schedule, March 11-13: Ann & Jeff VanderMeer


As you may know, Ann and I are honored guests at FOGCon in San Francisco, along with the awesome Pat Murphy. The con is being held March 11-13 and we hope to see many of you there. Check out their facebook page as well. Our schedule is below. Note the coffee shop gig, which still has some slots available.

Ann will have the new issue of Weird Tales with her, and I will be celebrating the release of my nonfiction collection Monstrous Creatures.

For those who don’t make it to FOGCon, we will be appearing at the SF in SF event March 14.


Friday 2:00-4:00 PM–First Drink Book Heads
Ann and I will endeavor to be in the hotel bar for anyone who just wants to say hi and shoot the breeze.

Friday 4:30-5:45 PM—Last Drink Bird Head
Ann, Jeff, and (hopefully) Rina WeismanA discussion of the Last Drink Bird Head awards given by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer for service and activism in the science fiction community. What are these awards? Who nominates? Who selects? What’s the idea behind them? (We’ll also talk about charity efforts in the field generally.)

Friday 8:00-9:15 PM—The Monster In Speculative Literature
M: Ann VanderMeer, Nabil Hijazi, Rachel Silber, Karen Williams
Sometimes a monster is the villain, increasingly the monster is the hero(ine). Why do readers identify with the monster now, or perhaps they always have? What makes a monster monstrous?

Friday 9:30-10:45 PM—How To Destroy Your City And Enjoy The Wreckage
Madeleine Robins, Pat Murphy, Jeff VanderMeer, Gary Kloster, Elwin Cotman
The ruins of Southern California in Tim Powers’ *Dinner at Deviant’s Palace*; the artistic mutations of San Francisco in Pat Murphy’s *The City Not Long After* [er, and don’t forget Ambergris…]—what fun can we have with the wreckage of a city? What is left over after the apocalypse, and what begins after it? Consider the ruined city months, years, centuries later: What threats and promises will the crumbling metropolis of the past offer to the survivors?

Saturday, 11am to 12:30 PM—Books and Coffee at Contraband Coffee (off-site)
Jeff and Ann VanderMeer talk about keeping a healthy Booklife, care and feeding of your Monstrous Creature, and creating a really Weird Tale. Bring thick skin, curiosity and a viewpoint to Contraband Coffee. Guaranteed seating for 15, standing room for more. (Only a few seated slots available–more info onRaw Dog’s facebook page; email them to reserve at [email protected] .)

Saturday, 1:30-2:45 PM—VanderMeer Honored Guest Panel
The VanderMeers: Interrogation With Eye Candy: Dr. Lambshead, Steampunk, Weird Tales, Imaginary Animals, and You: Join Weird Tales editor and Hugo Award winner Ann VanderMeer and her World Fantasy Award winning husband, writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer as they take you on a whirlwind visual exclusive inside look at a cornucopia of exciting new projects, from The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, featuring work by Mike Mignola and Greg Broadmore, to the Steampunk Bible coffee table book, from the rejuvenated Weird Tales to the insanely entertaining Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals. (This includes new stuff even if you’ve seen us do a powerpoint before.) FEATURING: Infamous self-Q&A, with questions NOT vetted ahead of time…

Saturday, 3:00-4:00 PM—Autograph session in the dealer’s room.
Afterwards, we will hang out at the Raw Dog table for awhile.

Saturday 9pm until the wee hours
-Con suite party
-Raw Dog Screaming Press Book Party (including launch of Monstrous Creatures)

Sunday 10:30-11:45—Jeff VanderMeer Reading
(Trust me, I will not be reading for an hour and fifteen minutes. But I will probably read from my new novel Borne and also tell an anecdote or two and take questions. Ann will also be there.)