Monstrous Creatures Limited Edition–And Translation Fund Drive

Jeff VanderMeer • February 24th, 2011 @ 10:39 am • News


The Monstrous Creatures limited edition is in the house so I can sign them. It’s a 100-copy edition signed and numbered, with a new dustjacket by Jeremy Zerfoss. It’s beautiful. I especially love that Jeremy knows my work so well that the flaps feature squid and the gray caps’ enigmatic symbol, as well as a cheeky blurb from Zerfoss himself: “I enjoy Jeff VanderMeer’s work so much I designed the cover.”

The full TOC for the book can be found here. The limited also includes a new section, “Monstrous Jobs,” in which I spill all about many very surreal or bizarre work experiences, specifically:

—“I’m not with the CIA” (working for the census bureau)
—Mrs Bookwarehouse (working for a remaindered bookstore)
—The Baron’s Son with Blackened Fish Sticks (working for an entrepreneur)
—Lord of the Flies with Middle Management (working for a company that codified city ordinances)
—How I Became Dr. Lambshead’s Assistant (putting together an odd antho)
—The Pellet Story (getting pulled in for questioning for supposedly bombing my former employer)
—Pitch Me Eden, A-Hole (working for…oh, you have to read it)

I’ve received no advance for the limited and all of my royalties from orders will go directly into the Leviathan 5 translation project, along with any royalties received from the regular editions. Ordering information along with cool posters and banner ads, and a free download of my prior nonfiction collection, can be found here.

Remember–there’re still a few days left to make me dance by donating directly to the Leviathan 5 effort. We’re getting very close!

The release party for Monstrous Creatures will be at FOGCon; more info on all of that shortly.

3 Responses to “Monstrous Creatures Limited Edition–And Translation Fund Drive”

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh very nice! I’m looking forward to receiving my copy, especially with all those positive reviews bouncing around the blogosphere to whet my appetite.

  2. Jeremy Zerfoss says:

    Oh snap.

    It’s official.

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