Monstrous Creatures Limited Edition–And Translation Fund Drive


The Monstrous Creatures limited edition is in the house so I can sign them. It’s a 100-copy edition signed and numbered, with a new dustjacket by Jeremy Zerfoss. It’s beautiful. I especially love that Jeremy knows my work so well that the flaps feature squid and the gray caps’ enigmatic symbol, as well as a cheeky blurb from Zerfoss himself: “I enjoy Jeff VanderMeer’s work so much I designed the cover.”

The full TOC for the book can be found here. The limited also includes a new section, “Monstrous Jobs,” in which I spill all about many very surreal or bizarre work experiences, specifically:

—“I’m not with the CIA” (working for the census bureau)
—Mrs Bookwarehouse (working for a remaindered bookstore)
—The Baron’s Son with Blackened Fish Sticks (working for an entrepreneur)
—Lord of the Flies with Middle Management (working for a company that codified city ordinances)
—How I Became Dr. Lambshead’s Assistant (putting together an odd antho)
—The Pellet Story (getting pulled in for questioning for supposedly bombing my former employer)
—Pitch Me Eden, A-Hole (working for…oh, you have to read it)

I’ve received no advance for the limited and all of my royalties from orders will go directly into the Leviathan 5 translation project, along with any royalties received from the regular editions. Ordering information along with cool posters and banner ads, and a free download of my prior nonfiction collection, can be found here.

Remember–there’re still a few days left to make me dance by donating directly to the Leviathan 5 effort. We’re getting very close!

The release party for Monstrous Creatures will be at FOGCon; more info on all of that shortly.


  1. Andrew says

    Oh very nice! I’m looking forward to receiving my copy, especially with all those positive reviews bouncing around the blogosphere to whet my appetite.