The Bestiary Anthology: Progress


Those of you who read this blog carefully will have noticed mentions of a bestiary anthology Ann and I are putting together. It’s in an A-Z format, all-originals, but will also include some surprises—like an invisible letter, a 27th letter, and a secret appearance by a Special Guest. Heh.

Here’s the TOC thus far, with some entries still coming in.

Auricle – Gio Clairval
Bartleby’s Typewriter – Corey Redekop
Counsellor Crow – Karen Lord
Daydreamer by Proxy – Dexter Palmer
Enkantong-bato – Dean Francis Alfar
Figmon – Michael Cisco
Guest – Brian Conn
Hadrian’s Sparrikan – Stephen Graham Jones
Ible – Brian Evenson
Jason Bug – Joseph Nigg
Mosquito Boy – Felix Gilman
Pyret – Karin Tidbeck
Quintus – Michal Ajvaz
Rapacis X. Loco Signa – L.L. Hannett
Tongues of Moon Toad – Cat Rambo
Ugly-Nest Rat – Eric Schaller
Vanga – Rikki Ducornet
Xaratan – Rhys Hughes
Yakshantariksh – Vandana Singh
Zee – Richard Howard

We should have several more to announce shortly, including from Leena Krohn, Reza Negarestani, Cat Valente, Micaela Morrissette, and Rochita Loenin-Ruiz.


  1. sarah says

    Nice! I really like that fantastic drawing! I kept an eye in this project and Thackery T. Lambshed Cabinet of Curiosities. Is there any chance we can see some Thackery T. Lambshed Cabinet… new entries soon?