The Bestiary Anthology: Progress

Jeff VanderMeer • February 21st, 2011 @ 10:00 am • News


Those of you who read this blog carefully will have noticed mentions of a bestiary anthology Ann and I are putting together. It’s in an A-Z format, all-originals, but will also include some surprises—like an invisible letter, a 27th letter, and a secret appearance by a Special Guest. Heh.

Here’s the TOC thus far, with some entries still coming in.

Auricle – Gio Clairval
Bartleby’s Typewriter – Corey Redekop
Counsellor Crow – Karen Lord
Daydreamer by Proxy – Dexter Palmer
Enkantong-bato – Dean Francis Alfar
Figmon – Michael Cisco
Guest – Brian Conn
Hadrian’s Sparrikan – Stephen Graham Jones
Ible – Brian Evenson
Jason Bug – Joseph Nigg
Mosquito Boy – Felix Gilman
Pyret – Karin Tidbeck
Quintus – Michal Ajvaz
Rapacis X. Loco Signa – L.L. Hannett
Tongues of Moon Toad – Cat Rambo
Ugly-Nest Rat – Eric Schaller
Vanga – Rikki Ducornet
Xaratan – Rhys Hughes
Yakshantariksh – Vandana Singh
Zee – Richard Howard

We should have several more to announce shortly, including from Leena Krohn, Reza Negarestani, Cat Valente, Micaela Morrissette, and Rochita Loenin-Ruiz.

6 Responses to “The Bestiary Anthology: Progress”

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  3. sarah says:

    Nice! I really like that fantastic drawing! I kept an eye in this project and Thackery T. Lambshed Cabinet of Curiosities. Is there any chance we can see some Thackery T. Lambshed Cabinet… new entries soon?

  4. jukkahoo says:

    How typical Anglo-American hubris to think that there are only 27 letters in the alphabet. *Pshaw*

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  6. Sharky says:

    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote deccrmaoy. Thank you.

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