Amazon Features on Novelists Kameron Hurley and Stina Leicht

It’s been a long week, and I’ve been silent here largely because of work, but I wanted to point out two Omnivoracious features I posted this week:

An interview with Stina Leicht (Of Blood and Honey) by Rick Klaw

The first of a series of short essays by Kameron Hurley (God’s War)

Leicht and Hurley both have their first novels out from Night Shade. Both are highly individualistic writers with their own style and voice. Both are approaching their subject matter from a different place than many other fantasy/science fiction novelists. Both also have been toughened up by their path to publication and have shown remarkable perseverance and determination.

So, raise a glass in congratulations to two new unique voices, check out these features, and go out and buy their novels, both of which seem to be prominently displayed at chain stores and indies. These novels deserve your support.