Thursday Linky Links and News: Duchamp, Mamatas, Nabokov, Narayan, and More

I’ve been remiss in not signal-boosting some of my own Omni posts and linkage to stuff by others in the last couple of weeks. So here’re some links.

First off, Shweta Narayan’s novelette “Eyes of Carven Emerald” is a free read on SF Signal, in case you hadn’t noticed.

On Omnivoracious, I’ve been posting about e-books and also Nabby and also the PKD Award…

Nabokov and His Butterflies

Asimov’s E-Book Anthology

Infinity Plus starts producing e-books

Your momma starts producing e-books

Jason Sanford takes over the world

Dalkey Archive’s top 10 list of cool stuff they didn’t publish

Editors get to tell why they bought the books on the PKD list

I’ve also just blurbed two books:

Nick Mamatas’ Starve Better: “Mamatas offers up a no-nonsense guide that should be required reading for all writers. Prepare to have some illusions shattered… because you need them shattered. A great resource from a guy with the experience to back up the advice.”

L. Timmel Duchamp’s collection Never at Home: “A new collection from L. Timmel Duchamp is cause for celebration. Duchamp’s short fiction is compassionate, sharp-eyed, intelligent, and often ingeniously structured. These stories take us places we haven’t been before. Never at Home once again showcases a unique, essential voice.” (no order page yet)

I’m working slowly on a two-part blog entry about editing anthologies, along with a post for Booklife refuting the claim that book tours are pointless in this day and age.

In other news, the Lambshead Cabinet antho table of contents should be posted in the next couple of weeks, and the table of contents for The Weird will be posted in the next six weeks.

Set-up work on Leviathan 5 continues apace, including gathering together the necessary foreign language editors. It’s a very incomplete list so far, but Jukka Halme, Gio Clairval, Luis Rodrigues, Larry Nolen, Karin Tidbeck, and Edward Gauvin have already joined our merry band.

Finally, we’re working very slowly on a new bestiary antho to be illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic. We have manuscripts in hand from, among others, Dexter Palmer, Rhys Hughes, Michal Ajvaz, Reza Negarestani, Karen Lord, Cat Rambo, Stephen Graham Jones, Vandana Singh, and Brian Conn.