The Third Bear–Music Notes and Free Downloads

Largehearted Boy has posted a music feature about my 2010 collection The Third Bear:

At base, it’s a collection that’s about the search for something beyond what we know—a search either forced upon the protagonist or eagerly sought out by that person. It’s also an acknowledgment that certain things will always be beyond our ken. The stories, in terms of music, seem to me to be coiled and constantly turning in on themselves, with the counterpoint of moments that burst free from that maze. I don’t know if that makes any sense, because I’m trying to convey a feeling in my brain that probably can’t be put into words.

The feature includes an exclusive free PDF of the only original story in the collection, “The Quickening” (2010). This is also the only original story I had published in 2010*, in terms of awards consideration.

What’s “The Quickening” about? A rabbit that may not be a rabbit and some seriously effed up people. (I expect letters.)

The Third Bear has been one of the best-reviewed collections of 2010, with starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, among others. It was blurbed by Junot Diaz and Mike Mignola. It’s also made several year’s best lists. Here are the links to today’s feature plus some other relevant material:

Music feature

“The Quickening” PDF link

GeekDad link to the e-bear free PDF book of appreciations of stories from the collection:

All royalties received from The Third Bear will go to supporting the translation component of the Leviathan 5 anthology project. As ever, of course, a donation is your most direct option.

* Besides “A Secret History of Steampunk” in Steampunk Reloaded, which is part frame, part meta, and meant to highlight the work of others.