Leviathan 5: The Next Wave–Translation Funding Through Third Bear / Monstrous Creatures (with Free PDF)

Jeff VanderMeer • January 12th, 2011 @ 11:49 am • News

(Read more about the Leviathan anthology series here. You can also still order Leviathan 3, which includes great fiction by Carol Emshwiller, L. Timmel Duchamp, Zoran Zivkovic, Rikki Ducornet, Jeffrey Ford, James Sallis, and more.)

Want to support this project? Spread the word—signal boost appreciated.

Ann and I have finalized most of our plans for Leviathan 5: The Next Wave, which will be published by the awesome folks at ChiZine Publications. This anthology, the latest in the World Fantasy Award winning and PKD award finalist series, will focus on weird fiction and fantasy from newer writers, probably defined as writers with two or fewer books published in English. We are going to do something fairly unprecedented in the history of genre and have between 15 and 20 associate/foreign language editors in other countries so that many writers who do not write in English would be able to submit. Up to 30,000 words of the 100,000 words might be fiction newly translated for Leviathan 5.

But to ensure we have a budget that allows for paying a decent wage to translators, and to cover anything unexpected that comes up, we will be doing a couple of fund-raisers. ChiZine is already providing a solid budget, but to do this anthology “pure”—with no solicitations from established writers–this extra step is necessary. I would note that Ann and I are not taking any editorial fee upfront–this is a labor of love and something we feel is necessary to further spotlight new writers and international writers.

The first “fund-raiser” is simply this: 100% any royalties received from my forthcoming nonfiction collection Monstrous Creatures or my 2010 short story collection The Third Bear will go toward funding Leviathan 5. This is no idle threat since the advances for both were low enough that royalties will kick in soon.

Monkey Brain Books has also been kind enough to provide a free PDF of my prior nonfiction collection, currently on the order page for Monstrous Creatures. If you download that PDF, consider buying Monstrous or making a direct donation. Any direct donations for this project can be sent to me via paypal at vanderworld at hotmail.com with “For Leviathan 5″ as the subject line. If you would like to become a major investor, ping me as well.

Right now, the plan is for an open reading period for Leviathan 5 starting in late 2011 and extending into the spring of 2012, for publication in spring of 2013. Projects like this require a long lead time. Payment and firm reading period information will be forthcoming once we’ve finalized our plans.

PS For those wondering, the “best of Leviathan” volume will probably come out prior to Leviathan 5.

16 Responses to “Leviathan 5: The Next Wave–Translation Funding Through Third Bear / Monstrous Creatures (with Free PDF)”

  1. Claude Lalumière says:

    Hey — Welcome to CZP, Jeff. It’s a great place to be.

  2. Nick Mamatas says:

    You might find this helpful


    Their catalog contains a number of collections that they translate themselves in the hope of propagating Japanese literature, including its fantasy, to a world audience. Dunno if they’d sell a single story from one of their books, but they might.

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Thanks, Nick.

  4. Livia Llewellyn says:

    You have no fucking idea how long I’ve been waiting for a Leviathan 5 to happen. No! Fucking! Idea!

  5. Empty Your Heart Of Its Mortal Dream says:

    [...] collection, Why Should I Cut Your Throat?, there too, so well worth checking out. You can find it here. Tags: jeff vandermeer, leviathan Posted by Paul Charles Smith at 12:49 pm   Uncategorized [...]

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    [...] ca să rămînem în teritoriul new weird, Jeff anunţă că-şi donează încasările din noua sa culegere de non-ficţiune pentru finanţarea viitoarei [...]

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    [...] projects to people who may not have otherwise caught wind of them. The second of these projects is Leviathan Five, an anthology edited by the VanderMeers and published by ChiZine Publications, focusing weird [...]

  8. Paul Jessup says:

    Does this include buying the electronic version of The Third Bear? I was planning on buying that this week anyway, would be awesome if it contributed to Leviathan’s funding.

    Will signal boost later today. Such an awesome series of anthos

  9. jeff vandermeer says:

    all formats of the book.

    just in general, for those interested in the option, direct donation is the best.

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  11. Helen Marshall says:

    This sounds like an amazing project, and I’m so pleased that ChiZine Publications will be involved!

  12. Paul Jessup says:

    Noted- next friday is pay day. I’ll donate some meager funds. Every little bit helps, right?

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    [...] The publisher is ChiZine, and they’re providing a budget that is respectable for an English-language anthology. BUT, we will need more funds for the translation component. READ HERE FOR MORE CONTEXT. [...]

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