The Awesome Rachel Swirsky: “The sun glows brighter”

Jeff VanderMeer • December 28th, 2010 @ 11:18 am • Culture

Back in 2007, I interviewed Rachel Swirsky for a series I called Conversations with the Bookless.

This year Swirsky finally had a book out, and I interviewed her for the Omnivoracious book blog. I decided to ask basically the same questions I asked her in 2007 and juxtapose the answers. The result is, I think, really interesting. Go check it out and buy her book. She’s one of the most talented story writers we have.

One Response to “The Awesome Rachel Swirsky: “The sun glows brighter””

  1. Dan Read says:

    I was mightily impressed with Rachel’s slim story collection from Aqueduct. I join with Jeff in recommending it.

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