2011: What Do You Want to See More or Less Of?

Jeff VanderMeer • December 27th, 2010 @ 11:43 am • Culture


Me, I’d like to see more facts and less hyperbole. I’d like to see more specifics and fewer generalizations. I’d like less stupid and more smart. Oh, yeah, and cats in hats—more of those, please.

What about you?



11 Responses to “2011: What Do You Want to See More or Less Of?”

  1. Larry says:

    More Jackson, less Santa. More discussion of unusual reading suspects, less of people reading the same ol’ crap. Oh, and more squirrels, of course.

  2. Cindy says:

    More magic, more intrigue, less sappy romance with predictable endings and one-dimensional characters, and more interesting characters that make us cry, laugh, cheer and shout.

  3. Ben Jones says:

    Cats in hats were good enough for Theodore Geisel. They’re good enough for me.

  4. Egg says:

    More imaginary animal guides-
    They made family members very happy.

    Less reality shows.
    Please, dear God, less reality shows.
    They disturb me greatly.

  5. Little Red Reviewer says:

    i also vote for more cats in hats. and another Ambergris book. and more Evil Monkey & Ann guides to things.

  6. Jetse says:

    More hard, constructive thinking and less easy nihilism. More true originality and less clichés (yes, zombies, vampires, werewolves, elves & steampunk: I mean you).

    More microbrews and less mass-produced beers (or, according to a good friend: “The better the advertisements, the crappier the beer.” Yes, Bud and Heineken: this means you.)

  7. martinsonly says:

    Less Photoshop’d back-tattooed hot-chick vampire-hunter book covers. More intelligent sword and sorcery stories.

  8. Ennis Drake says:


    I love that cat.

  9. Ennis Drake says:

    Oh, and I think I mostly agree with Jetse.


  10. Bear says:

    I’d love to see more VanderMeers (in person, that is).

  11. Chris says:

    More NPR; less Wolf Blitzer

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