Book Like for the Holidays? Spread the Booklife Cheer

Dear Reader:

It’s now been a year since my writing strategy book Booklife came out, and it’s received lots of praise, leading to an interview on National NPR, among other opportunities like speaking at MIT and the Library of Congress. I’ve even had artists and musicians tell me they picked it up and found that the advice in it worked for them as well.

I know there are more of you out there, so if you’ve enjoyed Booklife and/or the Booklifenow website, it would be wonderful if you’d be willing to blog about it this week, recommending the book as a holiday gift. (Or tweet or facebook if that’s more your style. Or even re-post something you wrote when the book came out.)

I don’t usually ask people for favors like this, but my wife Ann and I are gearing up to do at least one, possibly two, really cool projects where we won’t be taking a fee upfront. To do those kinds of projects, the coffers need to be full—and Booklife has sold well enough to date that buying Booklife (US edition) will put money in my pocket right around the time I’ll need the extra boost to absorb the impact of these non-comped projects; if the royalty check is big enough, it may even help fund these projects. (One of which is a fiction antho focused on new writers, with a truly international open reading period.) You could say that this request is in keeping about Booklife’s advice to take the long view.

If you do decide to blog, here are a few possible links to include:

Booklife at Amazon

Booklife Kindle edition

Booklife at Indiebound

Booklife at Indiebound (ebook)

Booklife at Powells

Direct from the publisher, Tachyon

As importantly, I’m interested to know how Booklife was of use to you (or, even, where you wished it would’ve been of more help), and will write a follow-up post here and on Booklifenow that links your post. If you tweet or facebook post, consider echoing into the comments thread here.

Finally, thanks for considering Booklife as a holiday gift for the creatives in your life!


  1. says

    You know, I totally would – except I’ve managed to get through this whole year without giving in to the nagging temptation to buy a copy. Tell you what. Christmas present to myself, and I’ll write something afterwards, gladly. The website has been great reading, sure enough the book will be too.

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    Booklife helped me map out a plan, and I don’t feel so daunted by my goals like I once was. I often find myself buying it for friends who want to write, or recommending it to Creative Writing undergrads who haven’t been exposed to literary business yet. I wish this text had been around when I was their age, it would have saved me a lot of back-peddling.

  3. says

    This book changed me.

    It got me to sit down and consider this whole writing thing on a very organized, accessible level. As stated, the goal orientated planning and Benjamin Franklin-like personal improvement sections are things everyone should take a look at. But the entire book is an eye opening read about writing–in a good, less intimidating way. I’ve been wanting to say thank you to Jeff for writing it, and of course, recommend it to others.

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    Tweeted @mnightflyer and blogged as one of my best reads of 2010.

    Can also be found highlighted here:

    Booklife really helped me out. I took it with me on a vacation and used it to jumpstart a stalled writing life. The advice is timely, detailed, and refreshingly straightforward.

  5. Ian says

    Pimped it on FB. I checked it out from the library, but I really need a copy of my own.. alas, I’m on a one book per month budget, which I spend on books that the library can’t supply me.

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    The one thing I didn’t mention in the post was that Booklife honestly helped me organized my work schedule and writing-workload. I decided to quit a writing job that was more of a drain than it was a financial benefit thanks to your advice, and even though I have work left to do for them before it’s really finished, I already feel better.

    So, thanks, for real. It’s a winner of a book.

  7. says

    Jeff, I am so sorry I didn’t see this at holiday time, I would have certainly put it again on my blog. Since you already know I like this book. Lots of things in it!!! I had already bought it before you came to the Conf. and you had to sign it already marked and post-it-noted up. ;)
    If it will still help I’ll be glad to do another post on it.