Potential Questions for Book Club Discussion of Finch

finch covers
UK manifestation
US manifestation

(1) When did the infection start?

(2) Is it localized or has it spread?

(3) Do you retain control of all motor functions?

(4) Is there a voice in your head? What is it telling you to do?

(5) When did the doors start appearing? Before or after the voice?

(6) Would you call your apartment or other living space empty or crowded?

(7) If crowded, what is making it so cluttered?

(8) If empty, who emptied it, and why?

(9) When the green light appeared, did you assume you’d suffered a failure of vision?

(10) Were you able to identify whether the screaming was internal or external without someone else telling you?

(11) Was it just a green light or was someone there?

(12) How did you communicate?

(13) Did you go any place special? If so, what did you see?

(14) Do you have nightmares unlike the nightmares you had before?

(15) Did you find the characters in the book compelling or too static?

(16) Was the setting fully developed? What real-world places did it remind you of?

(17) Did the novel have a satisfying story arc?

(18) Do you feel at peace now…or is something nagging at you?



  1. Kenny Cross says

    This is some kind of awesome.

    On a rather weird occurrence and I wish I had taken a picture at the time, the morning after I finished reading SHRIEK: AN AFTERWORD a rather large mushroom had sprouted up during the night in front of one of my dog houses. It was odd because I have gone years and years without any mushrooms popping up in my backyard. For it to pop up the next morning after I had finished reading SHRIEK and right where I would see it when I walked outside was, well, weird, and oddly comforting. I had to sit and watch the mushroom for a bit afterward.

    I kid you not.

    Anywho have a great weekend.