Chunakah Interview with Ann VanderMeer

Great interview with Ann here, about Weird Tales, being a female editor, and about Jewish topics.

For example, I started out my software career back in the 1980’s. When I would attend software conferences, I would be one of 3 women out of 150 attendees. That’s not true today – now it’s about 50/50. Do I still have to suffer fools? Of course, but it’s a lot better that it was…And yes, there are still idiots out there that will judge you based on your gender/religion/skin color, etc. but for the most part I think that we are all being judged based on our work. Yes, maybe we, as women, have to work harder. I think we are not forgiven for mistakes as easily as our male counterparts are, and we are more scrutinized, but overall we’ve made so many strides.

They’re also giving away a copy of the Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals (which, btw, as SF Signal noted, without irony, makes a “great stocking stuffer”).


  1. Ben Jones says

    I hadn’t seen that blog (SFF Chat) before but I like it. Don’t think I ever knew Jane Yolen was Jewish.

    And of course I enjoyed the interview with Ann.