Lynda Barry on Squid, Creative Play, and More!

I love Lynda Barry’s work. So it was an absolute pleasure to be able to interview her for Omnivoracious. It’s a great interview, and parts of it are extremely funny. My personal favorite part is, of course this:

I love cephalopods and I get the sense you love them too, from your art. What draws you to them?
Well, they are spectacular creatures, very smart, able to change their skin color and surface, some can strobe a bioluminescent trip on you, and nearly all can squeeze in and out of tight spots. Also they have beaks. They are wonderful to draw. Unfortunately they are also very delicious. That’s been tough. I love them so much. I also like to eat them so much. But I like to think they would feel the same about me. That I’d be something worth eating as well. I don’t know what the squid equivalent of deep frying, salting, squeezing on lemon and serving with sauce would be, but cephalopods aren’t fools. There must be a way to prepare people like me in a way that would make a fantastic appetizer.

Go check out the whole thing.

Just back from London. More later as I get over my jetlag hangover.


  1. Ben Jones says

    Cool that she thinks of ways that cephalopods might enjoy us long pigs in a culinary sense. Of course I might start looking askance at the octopus neighbors from Animal Crossing now.