London: Book Haul, Leonora Carrington, and the Return of the 60 in 60?

Jeff VanderMeer • November 30th, 2010 @ 2:38 pm • Culture


UPDATE: Omni post on Will Self at Thrilling Wonder Stories 2.

We’re just back from London, where we were conservative in our book buying, to some extent. Above find the sample of Penguin Great Ideas series 4 and 5 titles I picked up, with an eye to still finishing up the original 60 in 60 (that second 60 refers to “months” now, not “days”) and adding a few titles on the back end. Most of the rest we picked up at the British Library bookstore and the Tate Modern. More on the Thrilling Wonder Stories 2 conference later this week. In the meantime, more evidence of books acquired, including I Wonder, on John Coulthart’s recommendation…

Exhibit 0: Harrison’s locusts (with dirigible) and Du Maurier’s Parasites…


Exhibit 1: Mike Davis on cities and The New Uncanny (thankfully not a movement)


Exhibit 2: Dedalus on the 1960s and Bolanos in a UK edition…


Exhibit 3: Ways of Seeing the Coming Insurrection; is revolution inevitable?


Exhibit 4: One of the great writers of his generation, Will Self, paired with one of the best writers of the next-gen, Helen Oyeyemi.


Exhibit 5: A good Rankin novel paired with an eccentric little text by Shane Jones that was too strange to pass up.


Exhibit 6: Ann found this cat book and very whimsical beasts book.


Exhibit 7: More monsters, and Chagall…


Exhibit 8: We found a great book on the incomparable Leonora Carrington.





Exhibit 9: I Wonder by Marian Bantjes, in all its glory…





5 Responses to “London: Book Haul, Leonora Carrington, and the Return of the 60 in 60?”

  1. Kai in NYC says:

    All these beautiful books are making think of a novel I’d love to read. (Hint, hint)

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Ack! My brain is swiss cheese. Did you not get it?

  3. Kai in NYC says:

    Not yet!

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    it’s in an envelope–I know that much!

  5. John Klima says:

    I loved the Shane Jones book. It’s probably my favorite read of 2010.

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