Michael Moorcock’s Into the Media Web: Best SF/F Nonfiction Book of 2010

Michael Moorcock’s Into the Media Web: Selected Short Nonfiction, 1956-2006, edited by John Davey, is the best SF/F nonfiction book published this year. Savoy should be commended for publishing it. John Coulthart did the remarkable design, and he’s shown off that design here. Over 700 pages and 300,000 words, with Alan Moore contributing a foreword and Moorcock himself has written a thorough introduction, which includes several interesting photographs.

Moorcock is a post-WWII literary icon and the range of his enthusiasms, dislikes, and passions is on full display in this book. It’s an important and career-spanning creation, and demonstrates the versatility and depth of Moorcock’s talent. The book is listed as out-of-print on Savoy’s site, but you really must seek it out regardless.


  1. says

    The cheapest I’ve seen it is just over $70 on Abebooks :( Otherwise, it’d be a slam-dunk purchase. Maybe in two weeks, after a few $50-75 purchases go through.

  2. says

    2 left at Amazon UK for those over this side of the pond, I assume when those two are gone that’ll be it.

    Absolutely fantastic book, great to have all Mike’s non-fiction stuff in one place.

  3. Allan Kausch says

    I too bought it on publication. It truly is a wonder to behold, man.
    Am currently working w/ Mike on another volume 2006–2011 (w/
    perhaps some earlier material for good measure) to be published
    in 2012 by PM Press in Oakland, CA. Check their site or Mike’s
    Misc. for more info soon…