Darconville’s Cat: Misanthropic Genius or ‘Orrible Self-Indulgence?

So…Darconville’s Cat. Brilliant and insanely over-the-top misanthrope’s view of love and lust and obsession…or self-indulgent sexist piece o’ crap?

Does an equivalent novel exist within the SF/F field?



  1. says

    Definitely brilliant, definitely indulgent. A true word-hoard. Other than that, I don’t know what the hell it is.

    The SF/F equivalent would have to be Dhalgren or The Book of the New Sun, I’d say.

  2. GabrielM says

    DHALGREN, which I finally read and finished just last week. Brilliant at times, but more than a bit of a slog.

    Speaking of Theroux, have you read LAURA WARHOLIC?

    Gabriel M