Random Stuff in Our House

(Awwww, cute animals. Awww…erm, actually, there’s something kind of creepy about this image.)

Ann: So what’s your blog post called? Random Crap Around the House?

Jeff: Yessssss…

Ann: [not repeatable]

Can you tell there’s a deadline looming? Final work on the Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. So your Sunday/Monday post is…Random Stuff in My House. That’s right—when I get busy but still feel the urge to post, you’re not going to the forced content of ill-conceived rants or snark. You’re gonna just get random photos of stuff in our house. Some of it out-of-focus. Enjoy! :p

Dude sent me a bear claw. DUDE SENT ME A BEAR CLAW.

Dude sent me a golden rhino. DUDE SENT ME A GOLDEN RHINO.

What. The. What.

No, not that Lint.

OMG Elmer, I love you! (We got yer back–more soon.)

No, the photo isn’t out of focus. The collective coolness of our contributors to SR and LC caused a Localized Phase 5 Energy Disruption that set the table to shaking.

The energy disruption spread to the cat, who was not amused. But the Kinks proved even during such a disruption you can still recognize their CD.

We know people younger than our whisky.

Stuff. On top of other stuff. The end.


  1. Ann VanderMeer says

    I just love how the Glenrothe scotch is sitting on top of a Nancy Drew comic book, don’t you?

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I’m just trying to figure out how to get a quick flaming-pea-on-a-fancy-cushion illo right now…

  3. says

    That is very random. Bear claws, golden rhinos, whisky, and books in languages I can’t read. It’s the kind of detail you can’t invent. (Plus a pink fluffy WHAT is that?)

  4. Egg says

    Great pictures. The cat looks possessed. The first picture of the hello-kittyish animals looks like the mouse is trying to orachestrate an orgy.

  5. Ennis Drake says

    @Ann: Nothing wrong with Nancy Drew. Some of the first books I ever read on my own. Bought them at a yard sale with my allowance. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that scotch. ; )