Eliminative Culinarism and Bad Cheese Plates

Been meaning to recommend Reza Negarestani’s blog, Eliminative Culinarism, which includes great book recommendations (like the one above, which I’m hurrying off to order).

I’ve also been meaning to tell you that I don’t go to football games anymore because the beer is crap and they don’t serve a decent cheese plate. Oh yeah—and bleacher seating next to a guy who wants to high-five after every play…exhausting and uncomfortable.

Also been meaning to tell you—yer lookin’ good. That fake hair is almost lifelike!

And, finally, please remember: use your powers for good today. That means, for you personally, probably restricting your travel to your iron bubble for the next 24 hours.

P.S. Contrary to rumor Ann and my next editorial project will not be centered on carnivorous ponies. But here’s a totally out of context “rectangle” from the rough cover design for the Cabinet antho.



  1. says

    You’ve been reading my mind, haven’t you? Had to sit a row behind an annoying family of rich alumni and their spoiled daughters today. Almost left the dad hangin’ on a low-five after a play because I hated how he’d stand up, try to get everyone else to stand up, and I’m left thinking, “My right knee hurts like a mo-fo and you’re blocking my view of a regular play, you PoS.”

    But at least UT won their Homecoming game this year. Sorry, just had to have one dig in, considering how much you enjoy teasing me about much my beloved Vols suck ;)