Flotsam ‘n’ Jetsam: Wednesday Linkage

Just a few self-serving linkages for a Wednesday that you can ignore entirely if you like…

Ann will be the honored editorial guest at Fogcon in San Francisco next year. Ann will also be the editor guest of honor at Apollocon in Houston.

Somewhat chuffed that Australian national radio reviewed Finch favorably on The Book Show. Click on Show Transcript if you’d rather not listen to the audio.

Rose Fox on PW’s Genreville blog gave The Third Bear an honorable mention, in addition to announcing PW’s top choices for SF/F.

The Third Bear also made this great top 10 list I’m proud to be on.

John Coulthart talks to Coilhouse–great feature on an amazing artist and designer.

Steampunk Reloaded, on top of a starred review in Publishers Weekly, has received thoughtful, interesting reviews here, here, and here, in addition to nice previews here and here.

Booklifenow continues to have new content posted to it.

And as we get closer and closer to the holiday season, Ann and I hope you’ll consider The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, which includes an interview with Duff Goldman and was designed by John Coulthart. We’ve been just a little bemused by a couple of the Amazon reviews and a couple reviews in the wider world that seemed to want either a more academic approach or a more factual (?!) one. While we have no problem with anyone who doesn’t enjoy the humor or the sense of play involved, we do think it’s a bit ridiculous to want something fun about imaginary animals to be more…rigorous and academic. Sigh.

Anyway, check out the website, these great reviews at Forward, the Barnes & Noble Review, and this preview on Jewcy.com, along with this excerpt. The Jerusalem Post also did a nice piece, but it doesn’t appear to be online.


  1. Ben Jones says

    Kudos to Ann on her well-deserved honors. That’s not puffery, I’m an old Silver Web fan.

    And glad to see “bemused” used properly.