Largehearted Boy: Big Heart, Lots of Year’s Best Lists

If you weren’t aware of it yet, check out Largehearted Boy’s compilation of year’s best lists for books. Omnivoracious/Amazon also has the run-down of their comics choices, and note Shipbreaker on the teen list.

P.S. One more episode like last night’s and Ann and I are walking away from the Walking Dead. Too many stoopids.


  1. says

    What I really want is a list that collates all those lists into a much smaller list of things that appear on everyone’s list. Then, I want a list of all the things that only appeared once among all the lists.

    And a pony. I’ve always wanted a pony.

  2. says

    it is true that I only put Dobbin on the list for the sake of controversy and because I want to look edgy, but I think that’s as valid as any other method of pony-selection

  3. says

    If you were really interested in being edgy, you’d have included Donner. He may be Santa’s reindeer, and a cannibal, but that’s what pony lists really need.

  4. Jess Nevins says

    All these so-called “pony” posts should be called “phony,” since they ignore the backbreaking work that underpaid lower class minions have to do to maintain the ponies in their petit-bourgeois stables.

    I’m sick of all the pony posts. I’m going to write a long blog post about how awful posts about ponies are. That’ll show all of you!

    (Um, wait, I’m in some pony anthologies. Never mind!)

  5. says

    Hrmm…so J.M. and Felix are going to co-found ponypunk, right? And Ann and Jeff will be co-editing an anthology of it a few years later, no? I wish the future were now.

    I just wonder which fictional pony would win in a fight, though.

  6. says

    I’m just now waiting with bated breath for pony slash to be produced now that J.M. has linked to the seminal ponypunk stories.

  7. says

    “…Apples questioned the meaning of his life after the disappearance of Balletrina. It seemed like all the other ponies had found a way to move on. Rainbow and Tutu, Balletrina’s sisters, galloped after the butterflies as if Balletrina was still right there with them, and Donner the mysterious Alaskan pony with large horns continued to watch the skies and, for what, no one knew. In fact, the village of Shetland continued on, brushing each other’s hair and eating sparkled frosted hay, as if nothing bad had happened. Not Apples. Apples knew that Balletrina would not have left him like that, when they were planning a sleepover in Chestnut’s disco barnyard. Balletrina loved disco. Apples sniffed around the purple carrot field where Balletrina had last been seen. The search parties had started here, but found nothing of note. They had wandered the fields around the carrot patch, searching for clues, but none were found. Apples realized something very important. In all the searches for Balletrina, no one had bothered to pull up one of the giant, purple carrots and dive into the shimmering darkness, searching Mr. Gumtum’s Gopher Holes for clues. Everyone had accepted Mr. Gumtum’s assertion, that Balletrina had never gone down into his hole. Apples wondered if anyone had bothered to check. Apples grabbed a carrot by it’s leafy, pink stalk and pulled and pulled and pulled.

    Donner saw this, from his watch tower. He whinnied mightily to see if Apples needed any help. Donner could cantor through the sky whenever he wanted because he had magic hooves. He never told anyone how he could also carry eight-million times his own weight in toys and magic carrots. He considered a moment helping Apples, but then decided not to. Donner had already eaten Mr. Gumtum, and there was no lust for pony flesh. Besides, Apples had too much glitter to taste any good…”