Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities Overload

Jeff VanderMeer • November 7th, 2010 @ 10:47 pm • Uncategorized

Lambshead collage

Brain is full of Lambshead. Here’s a teaser collage. This thing is going to be just stunning visually. Also in the cabinet (not pictured), a Svankmajer. Just saying that makes our hearts glad.

4 Responses to “Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities Overload”

  1. Jess Gulbranson says:


  2. Alex says:

    A Svankmajer? That’s unbelievably cool.

  3. Will Hindmarch says:


  4. Wordstudio: The Gist says:

    [...] a hell of a volume that promises to be beautiful to the eyes as well as the imagination. Behold, a peek at the sterling art! Look there, and see thoughts on the editing and assembly of such a book! What’s this, if not [...]

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