Centipede Press: Luxurious Limited Editions of the Tems, Farris, Kuttner


Centipede Press continues to put out beautiful editions, four of which just arrived in the mail: In Concert: The Collected Speculative Fiction, Steve Rasnic Tem & Melanie Tem, Dragonfly by John Farris, Sacrifice by John Farris, Masters of the Weird Tale: Henry Kuttner

Some additional photos of the lovely detail of these books below…






Oh, snap! Steampunk Reloaded just arrived today. (We’re headed off soon to Capclave so will mail contributor copies after we get back.)



  1. Greg Lincoln says

    Very cool…. are there any reviewer copies of steampunk reloaded kicking around Tachyon books do you know…

  2. says

    A *Salvador Dalí* wraparound cover of In Concert?

    Colour me surprised: it is my understanding that the
    Dalí Foundation
    is not exactly — check out the
    Times Online article of June 6, 2010
    — easy to deal with, to put it mildly.

    I certainly hope that Centipede Press have gotten their permission: this is a foundation that stops Hollywood from making a major movie about Dalí’s life, after all.

  3. Caleb Wilson says

    The Centipede Press edition of “The Deadly Percheron” by John Franklin Bardin has a painting by Dali on the cover as well. I Haven’t gotten around to reading my copy of that one yet, though it looks interesting.

  4. Steve Tem says

    I was quite surprised as well. I wasn’t part of the negotiations for the Dali, the Max Ernst, or the Chagall rights–that was all Jerad at Centipede, of course, but it is my understanding through him that the various foundations involved are a bit more reasonable when it comes to limited editions of a few hundred copies primarily of interest to a small, scholarly or somewhat scholarly audience. I doubt permission could have been obtained for a mass edition from a major house for any remotely reasonable fee.

    Steve Tem