What Is Steampunk? WhatIsSteampunk? Whatissteampunk? Whassupsteampunk?

If you want a larf, check out the Google search for “What Is Steampunk?” in that you’ll find blog after blog after website addressing the subject, mostly to zee point of repetition or confusion. What is steampunk may eventually become WIS or WIST? as a twitterization. (I dunno, mebbe Google it. Just a thought.)

In other news, I’m reading at the Warehouse here in Tallahassee tonight at 8pm. I’ve decided to tell an anecdote about Finch and read from “The Situation” (in Third Bear) to mix it up a bit. All about the autobiographical impulse in non-realistic fiction. Oh, yeah, and about professional cockroaches.

Cheers. Whatissteampunk? Whatissteampunk? Whatsteampunk?Whatpunk? Whapunk? Whpunk? Wpunk? Wunk?


  1. Ben Jones says

    Thanks for that link, Jeff F. The thought of rocket engines using steampunk/Babbage style computers puts a smile on my face for some reason.

  2. Hal Duncan says

    Larry: I’m starting a movement called vinylpunk. All stories fetishize the technology of 1976. And are about actual fucking punks. Who spend much of their time in “moshspace.”

  3. says

    I am getting quite tired of SF community’s habit of adding –punk to any new movement arising in its ranks. With cyberpunk it made some sense. But, from a music perspective, steamjazz would make much more sense than steampunk. Let alone clockpunk, greenpunk and whateverpunk (and indeed punkpunk).

    Hence I completely agree with Hal Duncan’s comment…;-)

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I think it’s only those who are fond of or were part of the punk movement that have this issue. I don’t think just because something has punk on the end and it’s not that “punk” that it’s not legit.

    Steamjazz sounds like shit, frankly. LOL!

    How about some Jetsepunk!?


  5. says

    Well, there is one true “punk” subculture that is only now emerging, but if I were to name squir…err, that punk movement, Jeff would smack me upside the head again :(