Finch in the Guardian, Breaking Waves for Gulf Coast Relief, Jeff in Chair, Writing

Eric Brown’s written a very nice review of Finch for The Guardian, which means I’ve now run the gauntlet of UK major newspapers and only lost a few toes, really, maybe a finger–although Tom Holt tried a gut shot with a bazooka, luckily turned into a glancing blow by all the other coverage.

There’s now a Gulf Coast charity anthology called Breaking Waves–more info here. Contributors include Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, and David D. Levine. Consider picking it up. I haven’t talked much about the situation lately, in part because it’s still too nerve-wracking, too anger-inducing, and too frustrating.

Finally, I was happy to find it took only two days of working on “Borne” in a coffee shop to find my balance again. I won’t be going back to Facebook for awhile, but I will be blogging sporadically rather than going dark.


  1. Drax says

    • Great news, congrats • I’m assuming I have until 9/18 pm to submit a Third Bear encounter, because I desire a boxload of books from the VanderMeer Vortex, which I sincerely hope will contain a UK ed of Finch… • That’s it. Congrats!!!

  2. Drax says

    Guardian: “A fungalpunk nightmare pullulating with dark, phantasmagorical transformations!” Exclamation mine. Hell yeah! (Now I’ll never get those books. Oh well.)

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Weelllll, the box is gonna be stuff from our livingroom as we prep a great book purge. Good stuff, but not necessarily mine.

    Yes, until next week.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Yeah, I still find that review inexplicable. Not the fact it’s negative–everyone gets negative reviews–but the bit about receiving it off the slushpile. Well, it *did* come in off the slushpile, through my agent, to editors in the UK, who were under no obligation to take it–certainly, the sales of Shriek in the UK didn’t demand anyone take my next one. But the real point is, as a reviewer myself for some pretty high-profile places, I’d never start out a review that way. Or make that kind of a comment. I think the closest I came is in excoriating a World Fantasy Award winner that seemed undeserving several years ago.

    So that part of it–the beginning and ending bits–I put down to Holt having a bad day. The rest of it–he’s entitled to his opinion, of course. And it honestly wouldn’t affect me reviewing his books one way or the other. After 25 years of corresponding with and observing every crank and curmudgeon in the business, I just don’t really take it personally. Not to mention the overblown nature of it means it’s great fodder for fiction–might just include parts of it verbatim in something.

    I should note that Jeff Ford and I first corresponded over a mixed review I did of something of his, and I consider him a good friend. Maybe Holt and I will wind up being best friends and have many merry afternoons playing racquetball, drinking smoothies, and skipping along the sidewalk together. – jv

  5. says

    “We know from Vandermeer’s other work than he can write English real good when he chooses to. ” – There is a great amount of irony in this, those of you who know English grammar well.

  6. says

    It did seem vindictive above and beyond the scope of a normal book review. Though, I have to say “more Huge Yawn than Big Sleep” is blurb-worthy. Maybe in the next printing?