Win a Unique Third Bear

(Yes, it’s a story collection. Yes, no one reads them. Yes, go buy it now And, no, this crapulous illo is not how your unique 3B would be personalized.)

The Third Bear carnival has been going on for awhile, but Matt Cheney has upped the ante by staging a “fourth bear” contest that ends Friday. I have to say, the idea of a fourth bear blows my mind. Go check it out. You might win a one-of-a-kind book with a unique illo by Eric Schaller (who did a lot of the art in my City of Saints).

The Third Bear Carnival has already led to some illustrative work, the first below by Eric and the second by Paul Smith’s fiance. I’ll link to the full-on carnival early next week. Thanks to everyone who has contributed–it was a wonderful surprise.