Love Letter to Capclave–This Oct. 22-24

(The cover, with spine, for the limited-edition hardcover designed by John Coulthart that’s being offered to Capclave attendees.)

October 22-24, Ann and I will be guests of honor, along with Connie Willis, at Capclave in the Washington DC area. (We’re not going to World Fantasy this year.) We hope to see lots of you there. It should be a lot of fun, and we’ll be presenting previews of some amazing projects, with visuals. Not to mention the debut of the book above, with a tell-all afterword by Ann.

We also both wanted to express our gratitude to Capclave for being wonderful to work with and making us feel pampered as guests of the con–they’ve already done a lot for us. Truly professional, wonderful, hard-working people, and we believe it’s going to be great convention–large enough to have lots to do and small enough that we’ll have a chance to meet just about everyone. Especially since as per our usual, we will make sure to hang out in the bar at certain times to make sure we get to say hi.

So, thanks, Capclave–much love. And here are a couple of glimpses of the interior of the book…

Sarnod interior



  1. David H. says

    Holy crap, I live here in DC (as of a month ago now). This is the first I’ve heard of Capclave, but it sounds great. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go this year, moneywise, but thanks for inadvertently letting me know about this. :) (And it’s great that Connie Willis is the other GoH–I’ve read her “Fire Watch” novella and I just picked up “Doomsday Book” and “To Say Nothing of the Dog.”

  2. Ann VanderMeer says

  3. Bill says

    There are day memberships avaialble as well. If you are a student or active military there are also special rates. Although not advertised, the con chair will sometimes offer special rates to someone who is willing to put in some volunteer hours. I did last year when I was Capclave Chair, but I can’t speak for this year’s chair, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.