Raise a Glass to Guest Bloggers and Clarion

Jeff VanderMeer • August 16th, 2010 @ 10:07 am • News

(Photo by Greg Bossert.)

Thanks to all of the guest bloggers who contributed to Ecstatic Days while I was traveling. Some really amazing posts.

Also, raise a glass to the Clarion class of 2010, documented here.

Clarion--duffin sabotage

(NOTE: This post will also serve as the place to raise any questions you might have about the Cabinet of Curiosities submissions.)

6 Responses to “Raise a Glass to Guest Bloggers and Clarion”

  1. Christine Purcell says:

    Hi Jeff. I was wondering if we can submit more than one entry for the Cabinet of Curiosities. Thanks!

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Thanks for the question. as per the guidelines, only one per writer.

  3. Hannah Wilson says:

    I have a question about the 150 word limit. Does that include the name of the artifact and the name of the author (If you can’t tell I’m right at the edge).

  4. Donna Quattrone says:

    Ack ~ typo! Is there a way to correct an entry? Need to scratch the “of” in my last sentence.

  5. Jennifer Harwood-Smith says:


    I posted the wrong version of my piece, it was the one with 30 words too many. Is there any way I can delete it and submit the correct one?

    Sorry about the mix-up.

  6. Jonelle Wormely says:

    Sometimes you arrive across a post that just appears to make sense. Many thanks a lot

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