The Utter Squee! That is Finch in the UK Corvus Edition


My Nebula and Locus award-finalist novel Finch is finally out in the UK, in hardcover this month, from Atlantic/Corvus—and it looks amazing. I’m squeeing all over the place.

To be honest, after awhile it’s easy to get jaded about receiving the actual book, but I’m going to say this new arrival made me act like I’d never been here before.

I’m not sure that any photos can do justice to the way this cover pops, but I’m gonna try…


First of all, the tendrils on the front are slightly raised and glossy, compared to the rest of the cover, which has a more matte feel to it. Yes, that’s right, the tendrils and their little pods at the ends are raised. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


….And the same on the back cover.


The detective also forming an “I” is also slick and thus raised a bit, as is the title. SQUEEEEE!!!

Thanks to Nicolas Cheetham, my editor at Corvus, and all the good people at Atlantic, including Rina Gill, head of PR.

Now, go out and buy it, and also check out the extras site for Finch, which I haven’t quite had time to convert over to the new edition, but should still be of interest.


  1. Joel says

    Very, very nice cover. The U.S. one is neat too, but I really like this. Too bad UK books are notoriously poorly made (glued bindings instead of sewn), because they are usually very pretty.

  2. Chaos the Third says

    It is a damn fine cover. Enough to make me go look up the book on Amazon to see what it’s about.

  3. says

    Very nice. BTW, you may want to update the Books > Novels section of *this* site to include it: that page still lists Finch (and Predator, for that matter) as forthcoming!