Mysterious Galaxy (and a MindMeld for Shared Worlds)

Jeff VanderMeer • July 28th, 2010 @ 12:59 am • News

If you’re in the general San Diego area, consider dropping by Mysterious Galaxy bookstore Wednesday (that’s today) at 7pm, when Ann and I will be talking about the Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals and I will be reading from Third Bear. It’s part of the Clarion reading series.

Also, SF Signal just posted a MindMeld for Shared Worlds, the teen writing camp, with great advice from Karen Lord, Holly Black, and many others. Check it out.

One Response to “Mysterious Galaxy (and a MindMeld for Shared Worlds)”

  1. Hellbound Heart says:

    hey!!! guess what guess what guess what!!! i got my copies of both of those books in the mail this week! woo-hoo!!!!

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