State of Today’s Mushroom

Today’s guest-mushroom has paused her reading in order to create this entry.

Today’s mushroom carries around a copy of The Third Bear. Due to constant interruptions, today’s mushroom has not even finished reading the first story.

Today’s mushroom wonders. Is the bear a hero or a villain? In this story, the bear wreaks havoc.What is the third bear thinking?

Once the story leaves the writer, the story belongs to the reader. What the reader thinks of the story, how the story affects the reader, how the reader engages with the story, these are things out of the writer’s control. Was it the writer’s intention for me to think about the third bear as the hero in his own story? I don’t know. I haven’t finished the story yet. Perhaps there are no heroes in this story, perhaps there are more than one. What is a hero anyway?  And do I really need heroes for me to like a story?

Today’s mushroom considers heroes. Are heroes tasty?  If I mixed them in with my soup, will heroes make me heroic too? Heroes and the consumption thereof . . . hold that thought. Ha, ha.

Today’s mushroom is having an attack of absurd melancholy. It happens even to the best of mushrooms. But heroes. . . yes . . . perhaps heroes have those too. Who are your heroes and if you consumed them what would they taste like to you?

Today’s mushroom wanders off to read some more. Hopefully, the mushroom will finish reading this story before more interruptions occur.

**updated to say: I finished reading the first story. A five star story, definitely awesome. Off to read more.


  1. says

    Heros taste like corn-dogs at a state fair: ground up bits of assorted meat and meaty bi-products, stuffed into a costume, dipped in angsty batter, and deep fried till golden brown on the outside, steamy on the inside. They’re not good for you in large doses (especially on the postprandial Hurlinatorâ„¢), but they provide great childhood memories and guilty pleasures, even when you account for the sodium crypto-nitrite preservatives et al..

    If, like Captain Vegan, you prefer ToFutti Corn Dogs, you’re gonna have to bruise your own metaphors.

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Why’re you a mushroom? Have you always been a mushroom? Did Third Bear turn you in to a mushroom?

  3. says

    I figured that mushrooms would escape the Theber’s notice (hope I spelled that right. The book is downstairs so I can’t check). Also, I had the fungi-squid hegemony on my mind and poof…somewhere along the way, I transformed. Must say, the state of being a mushroom isn’t a bad state to be in.

  4. says

    Oh, and mushrooms are yummy too. he, he.

    Todd, I will definitely make a point not to ride the postprandial hurlinator after consuming several heroes. Maybe heroes should come with a health warning. Something like: Heroes. Consume with moderation. he, he.

  5. Nemone says

    He,he.Or “Warning,may contain heroes.And possibly nuts.”On the back of the shining armour.