King Squid, Reviewed (Plus Guest Bloggers)

I have been waiting for ages hoping someone would actually dive into King Squid, in terms of a longer review. This is my favorite piece in the appendix of City of Saints, and I still remember with a great deal of satisfaction the anger and irritation with which editors in the field returned it to me when I submited it to them. (In some cases, because I was feeling perverse, I followed it up with the encrypted version of the numbers story from City of Saints. Most times I received no response to this submissions.)

In other news, starting tomorrow a lovely bunch of guest bloggers will be posting here. I’ll let them introduce themselves. And thanks to Rachel Swirsky for the great Launch Pad blogging. I may pop up from time to time, but until August 15th I’ll largely be silent myself. I’m teaching at Shared Worlds this week and then meeting up with Ann for a Comic Con panel, after which we teach the last two weeks of Clarion.

Have fun. Be happy. Don’t worry so much.


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    I mention I don’t get many hits one day, the next you link to one of my reviews. It is not exactly a proper review, I’ll admit. For some reason I decided that my approach to reviewing City of Saints and Madmen was going to be one story at a time and informal… just trying to have as much fun writing the reviews as I can.

    It is definitely the best of the Appendix I have encountered so far and I have to say, I went into the bibliography expecting some references I would never catch and did not at all expect what I found. If it was a proper review it would have likely turned out longer, but writing it as I did, it doesn’t really allow me to discuss everything I’d like and nothing as deeply as I’d like.

    I hope the review wasn’t too bad and I do thank you for linking it.